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As a criminal defense firm, we believe that everyone deserves representation under the law, regardless of what you have been accused of.

You need an advocate who can lead you through the complicated legal process and ensure you are given a fair chance to defend yourself. Attorney Amy Garreans is ready to help you do that. We want to make sure justice is served and you are not taken advantage of, and Amy will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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It Is Important To Know Your Rights If You Are Arrested

If you are arrested, it is important to understand your most basic rights:

  • You have a right not to speak. It is easier than you think to unintentionally incriminate yourself, so it is always best to say nothing. It is the state's burden to build a case against you, and you are in no way required to help them by divulging anything.
  • You are entitled to an attorney at any time. Whether you have been arrested five seconds ago or five hours ago, you are entitled to ask for an attorney at any time. Once you declare your need for a lawyer, all questioning will stop until he or she arrives. It is always in your best interest to have an attorney on your side.
  • You have the right to a trial. Amy is ready to bring your case to trial if that is in your best interests. As a trial attorney, she will fight for you at every step and do whatever is necessary to minimize the potential consequences of your charges.

Taking these rights seriously is the first step in ensuring you are given a fair chance. However, no matter what happens, she will work to build the best possible case for your unique situation.

Representing Both Juveniles And Adults

Garreans Law represents both adult and juvenile clients in state misdemeanor and felony offenses. Additionally, we represent parents in child abuse and neglect cases in juvenile court, as well as child abuse registry appeals.

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