Helping Families Fight For Their Rights

Garreans Law, LLC, in Council Bluffs, Iowa, is ready to help families in juvenile law cases. If children are accused of a crime, they are entitled to a lawyer, just as adults are. Attorney Amy Garreans can represent juveniles in juvenile delinquency cases as well as parents in abuse or neglect cases.

Facing A Child In Need Of Assistance Case In Juvenile Court?

Amy is ready to help parents whose children are in danger of being taken away — or have already been taken away. If you have been accused of child neglect or child abuse, you have rights, and you need an attorney to help you understand these cases and to ensure your rights are protected.

These kinds of cases have a lot of moving parts and a lot of people involved. It is easy to get confused, left behind or taken advantage of. Amy will ensure that does not happen. Her ultimate goal is to get your children back wholly in your care, and she will work through the process to get that done as soon as possible. Of course, everyone is always looking out for the best interests of the child, and she will do what she can to convince the court that staying with you is in your child's best interest.

Have a Founded Child Abuse Reprt?

Contact Amy Garreans to discuss your options for appealing a founded child abuse report. Having a founded child abuse report and/or having your name appear on the child abuse registry can have serious consequences. Amy has experience appealing these founded child abuse reports and can help you with this process. There are strict deadlines in place for appeals, so contact Garreans Law right away to discuss filing an appeal.

Juvenile Court Can Be Unforgiving

In addition to representing parents, Amy can advocate for your child in a juvenile delinquency case. If he or she has been charged with drug crimes, robbery or any other unlawful conduct, the consequences can become serious very quickly. She will help you understand what can be done to prevent these lapses from affecting your child's future, and Amy will advocate for your child at every step.

Don't Wait

Juvenile crimes should be taken seriously. If you or your family is facing situations like these, contact our office as soon as possible by calling 712-310-5766  or sending an email.